Scientific journal of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. Series 14.
Theory and methodology of arts education

Collection of scholarly articles : Peer-reviewed academic periodical (Pedagogy)

ISSN 2664-1909 (print)

Title in Cyrillic (origin): 'Науковий часопис НПУ імені М.П. Драгоманова. Серія №14. Теорія і методика мистецької освіти'
Title in Latin characters (transliterated form Cyrillic): Naukovyi chasopys NPU imeni M.P.Dragomanova. Seriia 14. Teoriia i metodyka mystetskoi osvity
Title in Latin (transliterated form Cyrillic, ISSN / ISO 9): Naukovij časopis Nacìonal’nogo pedagogìčnogo unìversitetu ìmenì M.P. Dragomanova. Serìâ 14. Teorìâ ì metodika mistec’koï osvìti
Abbreviated key-title (ISSN / ISO 9): Nauk. čas. Nac. pedagogìčnogo unìv. ìm. M.P. Dragomanova, Ser. 14, Teor. metod. mistec. osv.
Parallel international Title (in English): Scientific journal of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University. Series 14. Theory and methodology of arts education

Publishers: National Pedagogical Dragomanov University (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine), 
Publishing House of National Pedagogical M.Dragomanov University

Subject Collection: Arts Education; Pedagogy of Arts
Thematic scholar specialization: Pedagogical and Educational Research; Teaching & Teacher training in Arts 
Subjects: conceptual issues of arts education (history and contemporary, theory & practice, methodology, comparative-pedagogical aspects); art-techniques for teachers training; teaching methods in arts education; pedagogical mastery of teachers in arts disciplines; aesthetic education & arts competence of pupils youth

  UDC: 37.01:7(06)

Language of text: Ukrainian
Other additional languages: English, Russian (abstracts, references)

Start publishing year: 2004
Status of publication: current serial edition
Frequency: Semiannual (two issues per year - June, December)
Publication procedure: approved by the Decision of Academic Council, M.Dragomanov National Pedagogical University
Target destination: scientific journal (collection of articles)
Media type: Printed edition
City of publication: Kyiv, Ukraine

Registered in Ukraine:
The Journal has been registered by the State Registration Service Committee for Television and Radio-Broadcasting of Ukraine as a countrywide Printed Mass Media. Certificate Series "KV" #8820, dated 01.06.2004. Founder: National Pedagogical Dragomanov University (Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Kyiv)

Academic periodical edition status is officially confirmed in Ukraine. The results of dissertations for obtaining the scientific degrees (Doctor of sciences / PhD / Candidate) may be published in the Journal (branch: Pedagogic Sciences) in accordance with the "List Formation Procedure of Academic Periodicals" is to be approved by Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, dated 15.01.2018, No.32. Preliminary inclusion: dated 16.05.2016, No.515 (Annex 12).

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Journal Editor-in-Chief 
Shcholokova Olha P.
Dr Pedagogic Sciences, full Professor, 
Faculty of Arts, M.Dragomanov National Pedagogical University (Kyiv, UKRAINE)

Executive secretary 
Zabara Maksym V.
PhD (Candidate of Arts criticism /Musicology),
Associate Professor at the Pedagogy of Arts & Piano Performance Chair,
Faculty of Arts, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University (Kyiv, UKRAINE)